Fundamentals of Intercultural Competency

Fundamentals of Intercultural Competency


This course provides participants with the tools to identify and respect diversity, withhold judgement, and create common ground with colleagues. Participants are asked to critically examine their own culture in order to develop an understanding of the complexity of the social-cultural integration process. This module addresses individuals’ attitudes, knowledge, and behaviours for the purpose of developing intercultural competency using experiential and transformative learning approaches that are grounded in social theory.

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish between terminologies within Values and Interpretations of Values, Culture and Intercultural Competency, and Cultural Values in the workplaces
  • Evaluate their own biases, analyze a situation from multiple viewpoints, and select and use an alternative viewpoint
  • Identify the culture and values of their workplace and analyze how they influence their intercultural competency at the organizational, group and individual levels
  • Use intercultural competency tools when interacting with others in the workplace and beyond
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