Corporate Training Solutions takes a team-based approach to problem solving while working with businesses of all sizes across all industries. We work with industry clients in all sectors to help them achieve their learning objectives. Each engagement with our clients has a single focus with a long-term goal in mind – a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with ROI-based outcomes. We take pride in every relationship!

Training Advantage

On-demand courses

Sign up today and start tomorrow! No delays or wait lists. Access to quality online training programs is at your fingertips.

Self-paced learning

Learn at your own pace, on your own time. CTS training is delivered in a flexible way to meet your lifestyle and scheduling needs.

Interactive experience

Each online experience provides the participant with interactive learning activities that apply theoretical concepts in an engaging, learner-centred way to demonstrate mastery of skills.

Digital recognition

Upon successful completion of an online course, participants automatically receive a digital badge that can be shared on social media platforms or to an e-portfolio as well as an e-certification upon completing a full Rapid Skilling program.

What Clients Say

"I picked up some skills from the HR module, which will hopefully help me in my supervisory position to be a better leader. I've always enjoyed dealing with people and hope to move forward in my career. These skills will be utilized in my day to day duties as well as if the opportunity to move upward ever presents itself."

- Participant of the City of St. Thomas IGNITE online training

"I would like to thank all my instructors and office staff of Fanshawe college for giving me good guidance and proper training in my indoor and outdoor classes. I will definitely recommend Fanshawe CTS for all who are planning to take AZ licence."

- Participant, Driver Training, and Testing Program!

"Fanshawe CTS provided me with a fresh perspective on engaging/connecting with leaders and employees. I would recommend Fanshawe CTS to those who are interested in growth. I will utilize the training provided to enhance our talent activation!"

- Participant in Employee Engagement Workshop