Effective Intercultural Communication

Effective Intercultural Communication


Our communication style is deeply affected by the – mostly unconscious – cultural lens through which we make sense of the surrounding world. That lens is usually a support while we interact with others. But it could become an obstacle when communicating with culturally diverse people. Through this course you will get tools and strategies to reflect on your communication style and adapt it, situation by situation, to make each and every interaction a successful experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify slang and jargon terms you use in your daily work activities and understand their impact on your ability to communicate with others
  • Learn how to recognize and deal with low-context and high-context communication styles
  • Become aware of your own communication preferences and what happens when you interact with people that use different communication styles
  • Define your own goals and issues you want to address regarding your communication style
Price: $60.00