Strategy & Decisions

Strategy & Decisions


This course focuses on your role as a financial manager and your ability to make sound and informed decisions as your Indigenous organization seeks to attain high performance. The key processes in attaining high performance are: strategic management; performance management; and effective decision making. These processes are thoroughly discussed in this course, and you will be invited to apply them to your organization. This course also provides information on how to enhance decision making, planning, performance management, accountability, and policy development. The financial manager is expected to plan a leadership role in improving these areas.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the knowledge, skills and capabilities of the new finance function
  • Explain the importance of maintaining competency and currency in our profession and how this is achieved
  • Explain the nature of strategy formulation
  • Describe the critical components of the planning process
  • Assess the current state of strategic management in an organization
  • Explain how to establish performance management relates to performance measurement and its importance to high performance organizations
  • Explain how performance management relates to measurement of strategic and business plan activities
  • Identify the key processes of performance management
  • Explain the basic steps in decision making and problem solving
  • Use of criteria making in decisions
  • Explain risk and its importance in decision making
  • Explain the role and necessity for accountability
  • Understand the function of policies
  • Understand a process to develop policies

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