Planning & Execution: Fundamentals

Planning & Execution: Fundamentals


The current environment in which organizations find themselves is often characterized by uncertainty and unpredictability. And organizational leaders have a responsibility to do what they can to try and mitigate the risks and hazards within this environment while also ensuring they are ready to seize new opportunities. One of the ways leaders can achieve this is by ensuring their organization is armed with a robust and deliberate process for creating plans and then executing them with precision.

The Planning & Execution: Fundamentals course is a joint effort brought to you by the Gasparotto Group and Fanshawe Corporate Training Solutions. Created by military veterans with decades of experience, this course takes what is often an ad-hoc and reactive process and, instead, presents it as a proactive, comprehensive, and easy-to-implement 7-stage framework that any organization can implement.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the problems they have been assigned and properly orient their team to the situation
  • Harness the power of their team to devise multiple plans and select the best one
  • Execute their assigned mission while simultaneously measuring progress
  • Deliberately learn from experience and transform those lessons into meaningful and lasting organizational change

Many organizations are content to forego planning and leave success to chance. For those leaders that want to be ready to face challenges head-on, backed by an arsenal of tools to facilitate planning and execution in any circumstance, the Planning & Execution: Fundamentals course will serve you and your organizations well.

Presented in Partnership with Gasparotto Group

Price: $375.00