Innovation and Future Work

Innovation and Future Work


In this course students will have the opportunity to learn future skills (resilience, self-directed learning, complex problem solving) in the context of personal career development. Learning will be relationship-centered and holistic, authentic and interconnected. Students will explore how their own skills, interests, values, and personality relate to choosing a future career based on future work. Using a Challenge Based Learning approach, students will learn the skills to create a career exploration program to empower others to be a part of a productive world.

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish differing perspectives and opinions orally and in writing by engaging in collaborative discussions with peers
  • Demonstrate a clearer understanding of the 8 career development principles
  • Explore how skills, values, personality, connections, and interests match up to a chosen future career path
  • Research future careers’ job tasks, settings, salary, job outlook and corresponding resources
  • Determine appropriate positive actions when feeling negative emotions
  • Modify milestones and actions to respond to changes
  • Understand the use of design thinking to solve challenges
  • Design and deliver a community career development workshop
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