Indigenous Human & Fiscal Issues

Indigenous Human & Fiscal Issues


This course examines some of the human resource and financial issues a financial officer may face when working in an Indigenous context. It offers participants the opportunity to acquire the essential skills and knowledge needed to fulfill one of the roles of a financial officer: that of a human resource manager. The skills and knowledge gained will enable the financial officer to ensure that their organizational hires, trains, and retains desired personnel. Through this course, participants will also gain the skills and knowledge that will enable them to better identify, review and address some of the fiscal challenges of an Indigenous Financial Officer.

The framework for the course discussions is current initiatives - both at the national and professional level - addressing issues related to the present relationship between Indigenous governments and the Canadian state, with particular attention given to issues related to accountability.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify current Indigenous human resource and financial management initiatives with a focus on increasing accountability
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities required by a financial officer
  • Demonstrate basic human resource management practices relating to job analyses, job descriptions, salary scales, and required employee benefits
  • Demonstrate human resource management practices relating to staff recruitment, selection, orientation, evaluation, and training
  • Identify current funding opportunities, financial arrangements, and the obstacles to identifying and developing financial opportunities
  • Identify strategies and tactics that Indigenous communities employ as a means of decreasing the obstacles to identifying and developing financial opportunities
  • Follow financial procedures that conform to Indigenous accounting and reporting standards
  • Describe current initiatives that are considered Indigenous financial management best practices and those aimed at addressing special reporting requirements
  • Recognize the diversity of approaches for addressing Indigenous human resource and fiscal issues
  • Identifies appropriate performance appraisal processes and understands the role of coaching, mentoring and training in staff development
  • Understands effective communication and adopts appropriate strategy or process

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