Maintenance Management Professional

Maintenance Management Professional

The Maintenance Management Professional certification program focuses on the tools, techniques, strategies and skills necessary for effective management of a business’s existing physical assets. Graduates have the knowledge and skills to drive improvements in uptime, production capacity, equipment reliability, safety, environmental compliance, economic life of assets, return on investment and effective communication between departments.

Teams of PEMAC member subject matter experts have developed and maintained the MMP program curriculum. PEMAC qualifies the instructors and authorizes teaching institutions to offer the program.

MMP Certification from PEMAC

When you complete all 8 courses of the program this is a permanent accomplishment. You will receive a certificate of completion from the Teaching Institution where you studied that does not expire.

However, the MMP Certification from PEMAC and the right to use the letters "MMP" behind your name is distinct from the education program, and is granted to those who have successfully completed, or received credit through PLAR, for the eight modules of the MMP education program and who maintain the requirements of certification. A separate application to PEMAC is required. You do not necessarily have to complete all of the courses to meet these requirements.

NEW - Maintenance Work Management Certificate

In support of focused learning paths, PEMAC recently launched the Maintenance Work Management Certificate of completion, designed for maintenance practitioners such as planners, schedulers, supervisors, coordinators, as well as other operations personnel who work alongside maintenance. Practitioners who complete Module 1 and 6 of the MMP program are eligible to apply for this certificate of completion which recognizes an individual's understanding of the benefits of an integrated maintenance management strategy and the fundamental principles of work management processes, with an emphasis on maintenance work planning, scheduling, and coordination methods.

Professionals in various maintenance-related roles may consider completing a combination of modules to better equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to make significant improvements within their role and the organization as a whole. Below are other suggested shortened learning paths for a variety of roles within an asset-owning organization.

Module 1 - An Integrated Strategy for Maintenance Management
Module 2 - Production and Operations Management for the Maintenance Manager
Module 3 - Human Resources Management for the Maintenance Manager
Module 4 - Financial Management for the Maintenance Manager
Module 5 - Developing and Implementing Maintenance Tactics
Module 6 - Maintenance Work Management
Module 7 - Maintenance Information Management
Module 8 - Capstone Project